Not only cake and sausage but also the usual destinations for the New Year holidays in 2015: no doubt about it, we still remain Italian traditionalists (… and a bit ‘mammon).

This is what emerges analyzing data from flight and hotel searches for these New Year holidays in 2015 performed on VolareWeekend.

VolareWeekend is the innovative flight search engine and hotel, in addition to traditional questions offers a free search for activities to specific dates or variables that repeats exactly the same shopping experience offer when you entered a traditional travel agency: Tell me where you want go and what he wants to do and will submit the best offer available at the moment.

The statistics of the New Year holidays in 2015

The first surprise is that for New Year most of the users have traveled more in couple with or without children (about 75% of users who have used VolareWeekend to search for the holiday) and less single (only 25%). One might expect the opposite, but perhaps the desire to spend the last year with the other half or the whole family seems to be something indispensable.

Users of VolareWeekend also confirmed quite varied, most men (about 63%) fewer women (37%) aged well divided, ranging from seventies, up to date with technology 2.0, a young, slightly less or slightly more twenties smart and inevitably to generation.

It has traveled more researching the classic return flight with both specific dates (the majority of the research, with approximately 62.5% of the total) who Flexible Dates – I do not know exactly when to leave and when to return but I know where I want to go – (36% of the research). The remaining spots were searched, for one-way flight departing predetermined or random.

Also confirmed the figure that the flights have been searched mainly during the day (in the office?!?!) while the hotel in the evening, at home, with more calm. In fact as many as 75% of searches for flights were made during the week, between Monday and Friday, and of these, as many as 62% between 9 and 18, the classic office hours and only 28% between 19 and 23.

Different for hotels for which, despite being sought by 75% during the week, the search is more in the hours after work, between 19 and 22, maybe at home, with your partner, with confidence.

Milan (with its three airports Malpensa, Linate and Bergamo) and Rome (Fiumicino and Ciampino) are confirmed, once again, queens of departures with respectively 30% and 25% of all searches performed for both flights for that hotel. Follows, surprisingly, Pisa (with 8%) and then, gradually, Napoli (6%), Turin (5%), Bologna (5%), Palermo (4%) and Venice (3%). Strength of low cost (especially for the Pisa airport where they increase the routes to foreign destinations in recent years).

Where did Italians for these New Year holidays in 2015?

As said nothing new in the tradition: 65% big cities and European capitals where guide London (13%) followed by Paris (9%), Prague (7.5%), Madrid (6%), Amsterdam (6%), Barcelona (5%) and gradually all the others. New York remains the favorite destination outside Europe, with 3% of searches, followed by surprisingly Dubai (2% of all searches performed).

Note color, Abu Dhabi, the hub of Etihad Airlines, neo-partner of our Alitalia, has only 0.09% of all searches made this year. I wonder if from now on Italians, travelers so tied to the traditions and so traditionalists, will not become regulars at the airport Arabic to stay close to mom Alitalia, which needs it so much and that perhaps we would like to have more and more.