Don’t follow Pasquale style

Are you an expat leaving abroad for study or business purpose and you are normally used to be
at native Home during election period? If you don’t plan it in advance it might be not only but also

Increasingly election days are becoming fast business for more and more airlines companies which are eager to launch special deals very attractive (… but seldom real, unfortunately).



What’s solution then if you want to be part of your Country change and you just want to draw your cross at polling booth?

On this regarding nothing better than the innovative it will definitely guide you to get informed who is offering the real best deal for that flight and where you can book that. compares indeed thousands of airlines fares (low-cost one and not) simultaneously just with a click presenting you concrete results just to proceed further.

Therefore, even if you are not resident in Germany, you dislike breakfast with eggs, cabbage and sausages but you want to express your vote anyway, please don’t follow Pasquale style, don’t drive down through Brennero highway by singlet and Alfa car, just use, it will be very smoothly and cheaper, for sure!