About CityHook

Have you ever found yourself in a strange airport and suddenly realize you hadn’t worked out how to get from the airport to the city center?

Wasting time and money is not the best way to start a long weekend abroad. And even getting on a crowded bus that saves you a few Euro, but takes much longer may not always be the best option for you.

Introducing CityHook – our approach to solve this problem: we present all the best airport transfers – from buses to limousines – and deliver this free to travelers. CityHook answers the three most important questions about ground transfers: Time, Cost and Dropoff Location as well as other helpful hints to help you along your way. CityHook helps you choose the best option for you, quickly. Currently, CityHook covers more than 130 European airports covered.

CityHook is a website and a free iPhone and Android app born from the passion for the journey of Tommaso Solesin, Milan, and Kevin O’Shaughnessy, Ireland.










Speaking about the origins of CityHook, Kevin O’Shaughnessy said, “Tommaso and I both love to travel and had realized that every time we landed at a new airport, we were instantly at a loss as to what was the best option to travel into the city center. We believed other passengers had similar experiences and that’s when the idea of CityHook emerged. We decided that there must be a solution which organizes airport transport information and makes that final part of the journey from an airport into a city center easier and less stressful”

Currently we are focusing on growing our product by adding additional destinations within Europe and North America and making it as useful as possible for passengers. Soon we will allow the public and businesses to suggest and create connections or “hooks” between any two destinations.

What we ask of everyone is to share their experiences to make your trip the other a little better. Love Travel.

Find CityHook online at www.cityhook.com or download for Android at www.cityhook.com/android or for iPhone at www.cityhook.com/iPhone