How to use

Do you know why you should use the travel search engine of VolareWeekend?

More specifically, the travel search engine of VolareWeekend allows you to make free 4 different queries, all still governed by the bond of your budget, allowing you to compare multiple offers with a single click.

Fixed Dates / Variable Destination

If all you have vacation time fixed and determined the dates of departure and return (for example, a particular weekend or some weeks in the year), but you are not necessarily bound to travel toward a predetermined goal then this research is for you. Set the dates fixed return, and then left to recommend by the search engine integrated destinations: instead of entering the exact name of a city, enter the keywords of the holiday that could be for you ("spain sea", "wine france "," surfing europe "...), or enter the geographic area where you want to go (" Scotland "," Sicily "," Bulgaria "...). Now you just have to pack the goals that you like them more and go!

Variable Dates / Fixed Destination

If you can not wait to spend a nice weekend or an entire week in your favorite city, but you do not have special needs time, indeed you are looking for the best time to go there then this research is what you need. Set the exact destination to which you want to travel ("London, Great Britain, Europe, All Airports (LON)," "Paris, France, Europe, All Airports (PAR)", "New York City, United States of America North, All Airports (NYC) "...) and then sets only the days and months that you would like to travel: instead of entering exact dates of return, enter only the day of the week and the month in which you want to leave and one where you would go. The engine will search for you the cheapest period to make the trip you've always wanted!

Variable Dates / Variable Destination

If you do not know where to go on vacation and you do not even particular constraints of time, then try to get you to suggest by the search engine on everything. Try entering keywords of the holiday that could be right for you and then set only the day of the week and the month in which you want to leave and when you would go. You just have to be spoiled for choice for your next vacation!

Fixed Dates / Fixed Destination

If you already know where you want to spend a holiday and you also have time constraints, then sets the target precise and exact days of return. Do not you just have to book your trip by comparing hundreds of offers!

If the search for your trip did not yield the results you hoped for the budget you have available, try searching for similar destinations with the help of the search engine integrated to destinations.

The search engine for destinations in VolareWeekend works for keywords. Let suggest possible destinations of your new holiday thanks to a free search, eg if you are thinking of going to Spain to take some 'sunny seaside, enter one or more keywords (Spain sun sea) in the search box and VolareWeekend will search within its database of destinations that may be for you.

At this point you just have to add the favorite destinations in the suitcase and book the best flight between the infinity of offers that VolareWeekend provides you with.

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